The Rivermont Eagle

Let’s talk about the new cool kid on the block, The Rivermont Eagle. This gorgeous four-bedroom, four and a half bathroom is as stylish as they come. We took every opportunity to create a completely unique, stand-out custom home while working on this project.

The home itself sits back on a wide and extended walk/driveway – giving you plenty of time to take in the charm as you pull up. Once inside, you’ll see a series of chic chandeliers, recessed, top-lit shelving, high ceilings, and almost-as-high windows. Other perks include swanky fireplaces in the living room and master bedroom, and an L-shaped version on the back patio. Add in two full master baths, a butler’s kitchen, a breakfast nook, and abundant storage and office space – and this The Rivermont Eagle is nothing short of a stunner.





Sq Ft