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“The house was beautiful from the street but the inside was beautiful as well.”

Boise Idaho Custom Home Builder

Boise Idaho Custom Home

There are many builders in Boise Idaho that will define themselves as custom builders but fact is, very few have the experience and capability of Syringa Construction. Custom homes can vary in size and costs but a custom home is one that was truly designed and built for an individual. If it is an existing floor plan that someone modifies, this is normally called a semi-custom home.

Syringa Construction has built homes all over the Treasure Valley for clients who used one of our floor plans, walked in the door with theirs or let us help then design it from scratch. These houses ranged in size from comfortable to luxury estate sizes. Syringa Construction specializes in not only in what you would expect from customer service to quality construction but we make things simple. We learned a long time ago that a custom builder must also develop a process that makes it simple for the buyer so they ejoy the custom home-building process. Our team of experienced professionals understand design, functionality, current trends, colors and of course every aspect of the construction process including innovation and energy efficient construction.

A custom home is something special. You create the vision and are part of the design process; we help bring it to life with our team and experience. Over the course of 4 months to over a year, depending on the size of the home, number of intricate details and all amenities and decor arrive on time. Lets get started today!